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13 08 2011

The refit and preparation period is coming to a close today. New sails are being battened up and we are getting our game heads on for the start of the Rolex Fastnet Race on the Class 40 BSL. The crew for the Fastnet arrived on Thursday, and along with Dad and I we will also be sailing with Bruce Copeland (NZL), Magnus Doole (NZL) and James Harrison (GBR), who straight away got press ganged into a wet sanding session at 0800 in the morning. Not quite what they were expecting, but a team building exercise nevertheless!

Ross and I have put many hundreds of hours of planning, thinking, sanding, painting, rigging and boat building in turning what was previously known as Desafio Cabo de Hornos into BSL and getting her set up just the way they want her set up for the Global Ocean Race, so it is an exciting feeling to be getting ready for a race.

The Fastnet will be a very telling event for us, not only as an epic offshore race, but with 21 other Class 40’s for us to measure ourselves against we look forward to finding out how we are going to fit within the fleet. Our objectives are to finish in the top half of the fleet, and learn as much as possible, and not least have fun.

Weather wise the race is shaping up to look a little lighter than forecasts earlier in the week, and will give us a variety of wind angles to analyse our inventory and see what fits best and where. We are looking at a mid afternoon finish on Wednesday, when as much as we would like to stop and have a beer with the fleet in Plymouth we have to head directly to Berthons to get prepared for our trip wouth to Palma to be in pre race assembly on 4 September.