Wet and Wild onboard BSL Class 40

16 08 2011


Campbell and Ross Field  were impressively third in class to round the Fastnet Rock, just 28 minutes behind the first Class 40 – Roaring Forty 2 (BEL). According to the race tracker, at the time of sending (1800 BST), the team on BSL have moved up to pole position in the Class 40 fleet. Campbell Field shares his thoughts on the last 24 hours and the night ahead.

An interesting but fun 24 hours on BSL, with a pretty wild and wet ride across the Irish Channel – very fast, but also very wet! We got away from Lands End without incident, bashing and crashing through the overfalls, then the SW winds set in and a wild and bumpy night resulted in a few bruises, little sleep and  a bit of a mess downstairs.

 We passed very close by two of our competitors and were pleased to see that we had matching sail configurations. We made a mistake after dark and lost a lot of miles to them but we all met up at Fastnet Rock just after sunrise. So, we know BSL has potential.

Life on board has improved significantly since bearing away at the Fastnet Rock and hoisting the A2 – another great test opportunity for us as we rounded within lengths of two other Class 40s. The sun came out, and after a few gybes, Fish Pie for breakfast (our first meal for over 12 hours), a good cleanup of the interior, drying out some soggy thermals and a quick cleanup with some wetwipes, we are all in good spirits on board!

Some fantastic ‘champagne sailing’ – 20 knots flat off with the monster A2 up, dolphins for company and some very good plunger coffee and digestives. Also, unbelievably, it is hot and sunny.

We can expect some interesting action coming up for tonight as we are in reasonably close company with the top three Class 40’s, and the breeze is going to lighten and head us (hopefully!) down to Bishop Rock. We are converging on the guys in front, so have our sleeves rolled up and are working on a strategy to reel them in, lets see how that pans out over the next 18 hours!

Class 40 standings – top 10 Class 40’s to round Fastnet Rock on 16th August

1.       Roaring Forty 2 (BEL 107) – Michel Kleinjans 06:49:00

2.       Initiatives (GBR 30) – Tanguy de Lamotte 06:51:00

3.       Red (FRA 59) – Mathias Mueller von Blumencron 07:17:00

3.         BSL (NZL 76) – Ross Field Yachting Ltf 07:17:00

4.       Concise 2 (GBR 93) – Tony Lawson 07:48:00

5.       Moonpalace (NED 75) – Adriaan van Oord 09:53:00

6.       Tzu Hang (GER 53) – Axel Strauss 09:56:00

7.       Earwen (FRA 88) – Catherine Pourre 10:05:00

8.       Spilff (GBR 5455R) – Andrew Dawson 10:30:00

9.       MAXVMG (GBR 97) – Julian Metherell 10:31:00