Can someone please find a replacement for Ross’ watch!

2 09 2011

A fantastic 24 hours on BSL, with the breeze piping in from behind to the mid to upper 20’s late yesterday and starting off with a confused following sea to longer more organised waves. We played with a few sail combinations and found the right one and sent it though the night. A few rain squalls bringing a few extra knots of wind kept us on our toes and a combination of hand steering and pilot to give whoever was on watch a break and we came out the other side very happy with how the boat performs (thanks Verdier), the sail combinations (thanks Magnus at North NZ), and dry and happy (thanks Events Clothing NZ).

24 hour highlights: surfing in the open ocean at 20 knots on a 40 footer, Moroccan Lamb freeze dried tickled up with some Old Bay Spice supplied by Tracy (thanks honey!). Lowlights: listening to the hydro generator squealing at a pitch designed to be ultimately irritable to the human ear when charging batteries, listening to Ross’ #$%^&* watch bleeping away.