Testing the waters

9 09 2011

It’s the day after arriving in Palma and we’re all rested and clean again. We had breakfast with Mike Lightfoot and Bill Dodge from BSL, and talked over the project and where we are at.

Photo Credit: Ollie Dewar, GOR. From Left to Right - Ross, Mike, Bill, Campbell

A walk to the boat and a quick look around and we went out for a sail on the bay, nice beat up the coast and a broad reach back with the big A2 up. Both Mike and Bill both claimed to have little to no sailing experience, which seems doubtful as both got to grips with the light airs apparent wind sailing pretty quickly, heating up and soaking off in the lulls and puffs.

For an authentic experience we dished up a freeze dried lunch, and Mike took to it a little too readily – and is now thinking of ordering some for when left alone at home. He may well change his tune after a few weeks…

A late afternoon flight for Bill and Mike, to much more exciting sports – to Monza for the Grand Prix, we’re not jealous in the slightest.

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