The action hasn’t stopped on BSL

4 10 2011

Ross and Campbell are being kept on their toes while breaking world records for sprinting across the deck…

At long last, we are away from the African coast. It’s still foggy and hazy, but at least the sea is not littered with ships, huge trawlers and massive long lines.

In the middle of the night last night I was in my bunk while Ross was on deck, and heard a hell of a bang – I tore on deck like my life depended on it and shining torches around and couldn’t see any problems. Quick check over the stern and realised that the leeward rudder pull down line had snapped and the rudder was half up…bit of a panic as we were running in 20 or so knots with big gear up, and the windward rudder raised. We pushed the rudder back down and added a new line, and realised how lucky we were. Whatever we hit was pretty hard, but not solid. A turtle possibly? After we all settled down, it was Ross’ turn to go off watch, and I was busying myself with making water and there’s another hell of a bang! Feeling the whole boat juddering, and I successfully broke the world record 6m dash to the transom to see the rudder had yet again been struck, and pulled the new line through the jammer. I pretty quickly put the windward rudder down in case we struck again, and started seeing all sorts of things that we were going to run in to – that were of course not there. Instead being my worried mind playing tricks on me in the small hours of the morning.

Otherwise all well on BSL and it’s getting hotter by the minute. The bungee to Halvard is starting to work.