A very quick response from Ollie means we can have a blog today…

6 10 2011

Stuck. Parked. Sweating. After a reasonable 24 hours minimising losses to H&M ahead, dealing with a few pretty random shifts and fluctuations in air temp, sea temp, current and barometric pressure changes we have landed in the middle of a sweat hole in the Cape Verdes. One shift came last night as the barometer plummeted about 1mb in 3 hours which was alarming! A bit perplexing as after some very careful reviewing of the weather systems form here south in order to plan our dive south and over the equator it looked like things were pretty straight forward. A couple of tropical waves and some minor intense could activity was even suggesting that the doldrums were relatively non-existent (however this can  change in a matter of hours).

Currently it is hotter than hell, and sleeping inside is near impossible during the day. As we are currently windless and ghosting along at the stately rate of 0.5 knots (but with an additional 2 knots of current) Ross is fast asleep on the foredeck in the shade of the sails. My turn for a nap will be this afternoon, so hope like hell the wind is up then as the sun will be inescapable.

24 hour high: taking 11nm out of H&M, Low: falling into the same hole they are in…