Rugby updates over the weekend please!

7 10 2011

Really nothing to report today, just hot, hot, hot, hot. We are diving for shade whenever possible, which is not often through midday as the sun is near directly overhead. Sleeping downstairs is near impossible during the day however I did manage to cram in a good 3 hours this morning after a night of light airs and very confused seas  sapping every ounce of concentration.

H&M have stretched out over the last 24 hours, and we continually work for each % of performance out of the boat to hang on to them. It appears that they might have started to run into lighter ITCZ winds ahead and we may get back into them over the next 24 to 36 hours. My statement yesterday about the doldrums must have been heard by Huey the wind god, as all of a sudden there is a hive of activity in the area, so we  may get a proper dodrums pasting after all.

Looking forward to hearing some rugby results over the weekend!