A welcome rinse from rain, out of the Doldrums and still in the World Cup…

11 10 2011

It is a 2-horse drag race to Fernando right now, Halvard and Miranda have taken the high road, and we have opted for the low road. Only time will tell as to how this will pan out. We think we have  it right, but then again probably so do they.

We came out of the doldrums relatively unscathed, only one serious downpour that was very, very welcome, washed all that red Saharan dust off the boat and gave me a well-deserved rinse. Numerous sail changes, one trip up the rig, and a few sleepless days and nights, all seem a long time ago as we settle into the easy miles shy reaching  to the south west.

Every spare item is stacked high and aft, the pilot is fully employed and minor trim adjustments are the  routine. The temperature is slowly dropping but still extremely hot.

Sorry to the South Africans but we are very glad they are out of the world cup. We would not have been able to stop if they had won, making this a very long leg all the way to Wellington.

No other news really, just on rails and on our way to Fernando, battling it out for the first points of the race.