Strapping down into our bunks

12 10 2011

We’re banging and crashing our way to Fernando and looks like the low road was not the winner we hoped, but we still  have 250 or so miles to go for the points gate.

We’re only 27nm from the equator, both of us have been across a few times so no need for the torture. Question: What famous New Zealand sailor lied about having crossed the equator the first time and the boat subsequently had a shocking result that leg?

It was terrible news of the  shipwreck in NZ- such a pristine coast that may take years to recover, if ever?

There is a debate raging on board about the cost of watching live stream of the game on Saturday, over the satellite  broadband. Anyone got any ideas?

That’s all for now, I am going to strap myself to my bunk for an hour or so.