Port tack for 1000nm

14 10 2011

Each day is now rolling into the next. We have been beam reaching on port for approximately the last 1000nm and have got another 600nm of it to go.

All with one exception, 5 minutes on starboard…We passed the Fastnet Marine Insurance gate at Fernando and struggled to lay the outer limit of the gate by a mere mile so had to throw in a couple of tacks to get there. A little amusing to say the least, having to tack up to a fictitious point in the middle of the ocean, unfortunately we didn’t have a nipper on board to wind up and ask to keep an  eye out on the water for the waypoint.

We approached the island as the sun was setting and the stunning geography can only conjure up images of some Robinson Crusoe movie, huge towering rock peaks and lush green hillsides. Would be interesting to stop by one day having passed by a few times. The island is a physiological half waypoint of this leg, and we are now on the home straight. No islands or fishermen or doldrums or peninsulas to negotiate, just open ocean. A couple of unusual weather features face us but  these will make their intentions clear over the next few days (I hope).

So days roll into days, minor items become more significant, and the conversations less interesting. First change of socks for this trip for me- feels quite liberating. Discussions have already started about what day we will finish. Every 3 hours one of us sits and stares at the computer willing in the position reports to see how we are going against H&M up ahead. We are breaking records in taking the position data and importing it to Expedition, which gives us bearings and gains and losses. Shuffling weight forward and aft as the wind increases or decreases, slight adjustments of trim every few hours  to suit the subtle wind direction changes.

Really, actually quite boring compared to the first half of the trip. Thank god we have good company in H&M nearby to keep us on our toes and the chase up.