It’s NZ vs. France in the Atlantic and the World Cup

18 10 2011

Disaster has struck – my only thermal top has fallen into the bilge of salt water that contains left over freeze dry food plus many other things that we won’t talk about.  We have been wearing thermals at night because we are finding it cold coming from the tropics.  I plan to steal a dry thermal off Campbell -the will never know!

We are charging down through the Atlantic under water.  Seriously we are launched on a boat that just parts the ocean, never nose dives, just pushes mountains of water down the deck into your face.  Our eyes are blood red from the salt; our lips are split from the sun and salt but I am loving it.  It is like being on an out of control roller coaster, BUT I have to say that after 24 hours of being right on the edge of tipping the boat out, it’s nice when the wind drops.  To make matters more interesting we have these three hour reports so we can see what Halvard and Miranda (now called The French) are up to and guess what sail they have up.  We are going OK on them in the speed stakes, and are hoping that our southing we worked hard for will pay off sometime.  We can see The French start pushing harder when we take miles out of them and I can imagine Halvard say ‘s***’ when he looses miles.

I remember being in this part of the ocean with Halvard many years ago and did the biggest wipe out ever on a Volvo 60.  We had too much sail up running down hill and the boat just went under water like of submarine diving.  The whole boat, travelling well in excess of 30 knots, just gave up and submerged.  I remember only seeing the boom above the deck and nothing else as we went down – did a lot of damage but no one was hurt, – it was a great thrill.

It’s NZ v France next Sunday for the world cup in Auckland NZ, and it’s NZ v The French in the Atlantic for the remaining 10 days before we arrive in Cape Town.  It’s going to be an interesting week – is Dan carter playing for the All Blacks in the final, is France going to cause NZ to choke again, is BSL’s move south going to pay off, can The French boat keep pace with the NZ boat – its going to be an interesting week.

Stay tuned: