What a day and night on BSL!

20 10 2011

We have had the most perfect sailing / blasting weather and we have also had no wind, have gone round in circles in 30 knots of wind.
We have been fair honking this morning surfing in 20 – 29 knots of wind this boat is incredible to handle and just loves these conditions – at one stage I am positive that part of the keel was out of the water as we surfed at 20 knots down a wave, bouncing along with only the rear half of the boat in the water – bloody amazing!  You have to be here!  Those Class40 owners who pulled out of this race have missed incredible sailing like this that you never get other than in the ocean.
We have been waiting for this front to pass over us and all day we have had rain, wind and miserable condition – well the front arrived with a blast of 30 knots of wind in the complete opposite direction – we had a spinnaker up and what a shambles.  Campbell was on the fore deck wrestling the spinnaker, screaming instructions to me to run down wind, I couldn’t see because of the rain, the wind was screaming so I couldn’t hear (that’s my excuse for not hearing Campbell)- it was a complete shambles but we managed to get things under control and we are off on the completely opposite tack heading direct at cape town.  All in a nice days sailing.
We have lost miles to The French, BUT we are pushing harder to get them back so it going to be an interesting week.  I bet we will be absolutely stuffed when we finish in Cape Town but it will be worth it – it’s an incredible battle between the two boats, best racing in the world!!
Go the All Blacks on Sunday – we are nervous!!


Cheers – Ross