BSL back in front

22 10 2011

With just 6 days to go …

We have finally got back in front – it’s a great feeling but the battle will continue to the finishing line – me old mate is not going to give up that’s for sure and the next 6 days are going to be full of drama no doubt.

We seem to attract these rain squalls – if there is one in the region I am sure it heads for us. We got lumbered with two this morning. It’s nice to wash the decks but it’s really annoying with no wind but I am sure everyone gets them.

Not much really to report, life on board continues, we have heaps of food, haven’t broken anything (touch wood), our wet weather gear is working, but our only complaint is that it’s incredibly cold. you get into the bunk with all your thermals on, boots on and wet weather trousers on (pulled down to the knee – we do this because we are lazy and it too much hassle to take the trousers off) then cover yourself up with a sleeping bag and nod off to sleep, but you must remember everything is damp so when you wake up 2 hours later there is steam rising from the bunk – just like a rugby scrum in the middle of winter and the smell isn’t that good.

Anyway big day tomorrow in NZ – GO THE ALL BLACKS

Cheers from BSL


PS: my son-in-law in NZ reckons sailing one of these boats is a lot easier than trying to get four females (wife and 3 daughters) off the couch so he can sit down and watch a replay of the rugby – he’s possibly correct!!!