Apparently it wasn’t pretty, but winning is everything! GO THE ALL BLACKS!

23 10 2011

Between dodging huge rain squalls and associated flat calms we managed to keep track of the RWC final and are ecstatic that the AB’s pulled through. Apparently the entire country was dressed in black, schools had all black dress days, everything black. What a fantastic event and it goes to prove that Sport is one of the uniting factors of our society. The entire nation wrapped up in a sporting event uniting them all in one 80 minute period. Imagine the hangovers.

We had a few targets in support of the All Blacks. We vowed to do whatever we could to take the lead for the game on Sunday – tick, done. And I have worn my All Black shorts since the start 29 days ago. Tick, done. No point in taking them off now though with 5 days or less to run.

Now I need to get Ross to stop singing his cover of Freddy Mercury’s ‘We Are The Champions.’ At least it makes a change to the only other song he knows – Sinatra’s ‘New York New York.’ Apparently he sings to keep himself awake at night. It works on me too when in my bunk.

The last couple of days have been extremely hard work staying focussed and moving in the right direction. These squalls have been unbelievable, at the rate of maybe on every 3 hours. Gusts into the high 20’s from almost nothing, shifts of over 50 degrees, really keeping us on our toes, working like galley slaves and all the while looking over our shoulders keeping and eye out for H&M. last night was the peak of activity, both of us getting an hours sleep only, then as day broke the horizon was lined with half a dozen monster rainsqualls all marching our way. By late morning we wiggled through and were left becalmed for a few hours (prompting some anxious glances over our shoulder) then the gradient breeze filled in nicely. Now we hope the road map to the Tavern of the Seas is clear and uncomplicated – the last week has been exhausting…