The pressure is on

25 10 2011

It’s 1am in morning and Campbell just reminded me that we haven’t had dinner.  Both of us are still up working at getting the boat speed up.  Halvard has taken miles out of us but we think that’s stopped.  High stress – we have changed spinnakers more times in 4 hours than we have for the whole trip, we have examined weather maps, cursed the weather gods, examined the boat to see if we had something around the keel, wiped the boat out with a gust of wind from no where – the list goes on but finally I think we have solved why Halvard had been going so quick!!  Anyway both of us are up all night, sharing the driving (Campbell is doing a great job) talking to each other so we don’t go to sleep, trimming sails etc.  We will go back into 1 hour on 1 hour off after dinner.

I thought the trip into Cape Town was going to be easy – it’s not.

Better go.