One person left to thank…

27 10 2011

We’re 150 miles out from ct, still running in nice pleasant conditions.  Justhad 2 hours sleep which is the first sleep in nearly 24 hours and I am feeling 100%.

We have the French tucked away we think and all we have to do is head straight at the finish and not make any mistakes.

One person I forgot to thank, and is the most obvious, is Campbell my son.  It has been a pleasure to sail with him on this leg and I believe that we complement each other’s skills very well.  Campbell is extremely talented navigator / electronics expert but is also proving to be a quality helmsman and sailor in general.  I have the utmost confidence in him when things are getting tough, because he gets tougher and tougher.  Not much else I can say but Campbell – THANKS mate.

Cheers.  Ross