Cape Town, tavern of the seas

31 10 2011

Day 3 after arriving in Cape Town, and we are reminded daily about why people love this place.

Apart from being a rather convenient stop on a race around the world, and a stunningly beautiful goegraphy, the people make it. Everyone we have spoken to since we have arrived are genuinely interested in what we are doing and why we are doing it, and the offers of help, beds, cars etc is never ending – from people we have never met.

Two fantastic Braai’s at strangers houses with the invitation extended to anyone we are with at that particular time, and showing up essentially empty handed but met with open arms and an open beer. And on departure asking what time would we like to come back tomorrow….

And they are passionate about sport, whatever that sport may be. Great discussions with the local street sweepers to the lady behind the counter at the local corner cafe to the taxi driver, they all light up – especially about rugby. Like we said on the trip south, thank god the AB’s won the RWC, otherwise the ribbing we would have got here would be too much to bear. But we haven’t met a south african yet who didn’t congratulate us and tell us they were glad we won.

Halvard and Miranda moved into our apartment last night, great to have some company other than Ross for a change! Also we want to learn as much as possible from the wise one. Had a few hilarious exchanges already “why did you do this or that?”. Looking forward to Halvards cooking as well.

Starting to get to a regular sleep pattern, but not easy. Bodily aches and pains are easing, and the hands are starting to work properly with the help of some norwegian formula hand cream. Big week of work this week to get as much doen as possible before I head home to the UK on Sat to see Tracy and Fraser (who is now walking like he has been doing it for years) and of course the new bump. Ross heads back to NZ on Sat as well, to go and reinstate discipline amongst the cats and dogs at home up in Waipu.