24 hours into Leg 2: Whales attempting to jump on board!

30 11 2011

After finally setting off for leg 2 of the 2011-12 Global Ocean Race – 24 hours in and BSL are already being kept on their toes by the local sea life

Hi all,

Finally away thank goodness.  The hanging around waiting for the start was frustrating, but necessary for the weather – it was blowing dogs off chains – a good 50 knots and it was nice to be ashore.

We are now about 20 miles off the most eastern tip of Africa and heading out to sea waiting for a front that is coming in so we can get the big push east. There are mountains of sea life – seals, fish and whales blowing everywhere.  One whale was diving out of the sea and crashing onto it’s back – incredible sight – we didn’t get a photo because it was right in our path and we were bloody worried that it was going to leap aboard.  it was leaping out of the water only 30 metres from the boat – sorry I couldn’t ID it but it was white underneath and had sea growth on it back – wasn’t very well groomed and had bad breath!!!

We’re battling again with Halvard and Miranda, as well as Cessna. The French are quick on the wind and so is Cessna so we are happy where we are.

Just like to thank Cape Town – a great city and the South Africans are the friendliest people in the world and love New Zealanders, except for the NZ ref from the Rugby World Cup – man they go on about that…

Better go – more later.

Cheers. Ross