Conditions get tough

2 12 2011

Three days into leg two of the Global Ocean Race and the conditions are already testing BSL

Hi all

While bashing up wind in 25-30 knots of wind, big confused seas, cold, bashing and crashing so much one would wonder when the boat will break, every bone and muscle aching from been thrown around – we both said ‘why on earth do we do this?’.  I do question my sanity sometimes when it’s like this.  Why do we do it  – I look at this bad part as a bad day at the office – I would rather be out here having a bad day than in an office. Does it make sense????

We are at 40 south and heading for the gate at 42 south and then we are off down into the southern ocean properly.  At the moment we are reaching at speeds up to 22 knots and wet – man it’s bloody wet.  We have m’ old French mate to leeward and I think we are smoking him – find out in the sked in 1 hour.

Sorry I can’t type any more – we are bouncing around so much.

Catch you later.