Update from BSL – 8/12/11: Campbell snoring

8 12 2011

Hi to all,

Not much happening on the old BSL today.  Straight lining with changes in sail combinations, trimming and steering to try and get the last 10th of a knot out of the old girl.  The sea state is smooth like the Hauraki Gulf on a beautiful day, 12 knots of wind but unfortunately there is mist and it’s cold, but the sun manages to poke its head through the mist now and again.  The forecast is for increasing winds and with that will be big seas – looking forward to the wild rides but not looking forward to having a cold water blast.

Managing to catch up on some much needed sleep – Campbell is snoring his head off at the moment, mouth wide open – not a pretty sight.

The albatrosss have gone for the day so there are no thought-provoking ideas coming out of this pea-size brain – sorry but rest assured there will be some more.  Maybe a discussion about politics and sport and why governments (in NZ and other countries) haven’t realised the value of sport in the community – this is a good one and really gets me going.

Anyway, better go.  Campbell has to download some more weather models.