Update from BSL – 9/12/11: Turning the air blue

9 12 2011

Hi all,

We’re being dumped – at the moment.  Each position update is painful and there is a lot of bad language echoing out of the Southern Ocean every three hours –  no wonder the birds have gone – we’ve scared them off!

It’s not a nice feeling seeing the two boats ahead pulling away.  We think we have an explanation in the frontal system behind us.  Campbell has been looking at weather maps for so long that his eyes are going square.  BUT we have a cunning plan, which hopefully might help the rot.

It’s misty, cold, miserable, the sleeping bag is wet, the plastic squab is wet, the boat stinks, my feet are cold the whole time BUT the competition is fantastic – best in the world.  The competition goes on day after day, week after week like no other sport in the world!!!

Better go on deck.

Cheers.  Ross