Happy birthday Tracey – thank you honey for all your support

10 12 2011

Fire hose sailing again today, fast, very very fast but so wet the dry suit was broken out today. It is a wild ride with water flying everywhere both on deck and below it seems. Not sure how it is getting in but every time I come downstairs it is another bucketful to bail out.

For all the banging and crashing and water flying everywhere it is fantastic sailing, pushing hard just to the edge of the comfort level then dropping in a reef until we feel like we are being a bunch of nanas, then reef out until the nerves start clanging. Despite this plenty of sleep and eating going on, a good feeling to get into a warm bunk for a couple of hours knowing that you can get a couple of solid hours sleep – mainly due to the stable wind direction and speed, something we have not experienced a lot of the first week or so of this leg…

Today I was reminded of the level of commitment from families behind us. It is my wife Tracy’s birthday today, something I have missed very few of. While we are all out here charging across the bottom of the planet life goes on back at home, in fact made more challenging by our absence. Thank you honey for your support, hope you have a wonderful birthday!