An unexpected visitor on board BSL!

11 12 2011

Hi all,

Amazing what happened today!!

This morning Campbell puts on his Musto survival suit, bright yellow, with seals and everything and it has a small hose so you can blow air into it and you blow up like the  ‘Michelin man’.  He posed for various photos and then went and lay on the bunk to sleep, with his yellow suit on, fully inflated.  We are sleeping in our full gear at the moment because it’s extremely windy and you may need to come on deck urgently.

I was on deck steering and trimming sails and was about to put a reef in the main and I felt a bang in my ribs, looked around and there is an albatross sitting on the cockpit floor looking at me like a stunned mullet.  He was not fully grown but was still a monster I got hell of a fright and I yelled for Campbell at the top of my voice and he, fully inflated, tries to leap out of bed.  I hear this yell and scream and then he arrives at the hatch and sees the albatross – holly **** he yells – he is still fully inflated…  the poor bird is vomiting with fright and can’t work out how to get out of the cockpit.  Campbell deflates himself and managed to lift the bird onto the aft deck and set him loose.  He flew off happily.  We suspect that he must have got caught in the down draft at the back of the boat.

We have had one albatross flying around and around the boat all day after this incident – I suspect it’s the bird’s parent saying thanks – what do you reckon?

Cheers – Ross