Chasing down the French and the ‘young ones’

11 12 2011

Hi all,

3am in  the morning and its daylight – grey, overcast, blowing 25 knots and freezing cold, but I think we are doing ok.  Have my old French mate up north 1 mile ahead of us and have the ‘young ones’ 29 miles ahead – we have made good progress.  The ‘young ones’ are pushing and doing well.

Spoke to Pete (PJ) Montgomery this morning – he’s the yachting voice of NZ and the world.  I have known PJ since my first race around the world in 1985 when he broadcasted yachting around NZ.  I was thinking this morning how times have changed.  Now we just pick up a telephone hand set and dial a number anywhere, log onto the internet and communicate with the outside world like we do on land.  Back in the ‘dark old days’ we used to have these huge SSB radios that were used as our only form of coms.  We would have to radio into Porters Head Radio (for example) and book a slot for them to dial your number and then link in via the radio.  Obviously everyone in the world would listen to your conversation and we used to listen to theirs – some incredible conversations were heard.

Got the sched in 20 minutes – be interesting how we go.  Amazing that both Campbell and I say exactly the same – ‘this will be an interesting sched’ every three hours – we will be saying that in our sleep when we’re ashore.

See you later.