Useful tip for southern ocean sailing from Ross

14 12 2011

Hi all,

Not really much to report as we reach up to this mark at 45 south – apparently this mark is one imposed by the Aussie search and rescue and will have an inflatable kangaroo as a rounding mark.  We’ll reach along for 800 miles and then dive south again – it seems from the weather we’ll go to about 50 south.

We are constantly loosing miles to Cessna at the moment – we know why this is happening and expect a few more lost miles in the next 24 hours (there isn’t much we can do about it – sorry), but there still a lot sailing and passing lanes.

Very unusual comment by Halvard in relation to weather routing and it will be interesting to have the discussion with him over a few glasses of red wine.  Maybe we should have a race around the world with not restrictions whatsoever other than you aren’t allowed a GPS, or any computer aided weather – you can only use a sextant and a good old weather fax.

Looking forward to the next two weeks of reaching and running and hope that it’s no too cold.

The most useful tip of the day – use the transformer box from the hydro generator to dry your socks – its puts out some real heat when the unit is in the water singing and screaming behind the boat.  This suggestion will cost everyone who uses it a beer in wellington!!