Ross is allowed thinking time again

17 12 2011

Hi all,

It’s not too bad for us today – wind up to 33 knots and then down to 18 knots.  I feel for those guys and girls behind us with the winds they are getting – man they are getting a pounding.

I, and I expect a lot of sailors, have a love / hate relationship with the Southern Ocean. It’s cold, grey, mountainous confused seas, unrelenting, unforgiving, unpredictable, and dam outright dangerous.  HOWEVER it  can the most beautiful place in the world, its unpolluted, its clean, its seems untouched by human hands – its virgin.  For day after day you only see clean oceans, no plastic, no wood, no dining room tables floating around, no old dirty engine oil floating on the surface, etc.  You see massive bird life, clear skies with no vapour trails from jets, no huge container ships powering thru the ocean.  We haven’t seen a ship for two weeks.

We have lost miles to Cessna, and that has to be expected.  He is carrying on in the old weather systems as we fall off the back of them, but this can change.  Even though they have a 100 odd mile lead, it is achievable to get this back.  The weather into wellington is going to be tricky.  As we have all seen so many times, you only need to park in a good parking lot for a few hours and then ‘holly mackerel’ here they come chewing off 30 miles per sked and then you realise that ‘you are in more shit that the earlier settlers’ with boats all around you.  Don’t worry, we are keeping an eye on my crafty old French mate behind us.

It’s a great sport this yachting, tests you like no other sport, its physical, is mental and competition goes on for ages.  Maybe not a great spectator sport, but a true sport that tests every aspect of human endeavour.

Sorry about the ramblings, but when you are in a 40 foot boat, for four weeks, with your son, unwashed, unshaven, contemplating life in general I think you become slightly touched!!!!

Bloody hell, I think the sun has come out.  Better go.