Dad, what were you thinking?!

21 12 2011

Although probably not warm by any standards, today was the warmest day in over 3 weeks. Mid layers came off briefly and the Chinese laundry was set up in the cockpit for socks to air, not hugely successful since there was still a light spray drifting around, the end result was really only to remove the source of smell from the inside of the boat and the heat exchanger on the engine to the outside.

Maybe that is why we have noticed a distinct lack of birdlife around today. Definitely missing the company of squadrons of albatrosses.

I peeled a layer of thermals off, and left them off. Down to two layers of thermals, a mid layer and foul weather gear. Remarkably after 3 weeks of fire hose sailing I am completely dry apart from socks. Our technical clothing supplier Events Clothing in New Zealand fitted us out with full Musto HPX outer layers, MPX dry tops, technical mid layers and thermals. After over 10,000nm of constant use and abuse the outer layers are still keeping the water on the right side. MVP award to the dry tops. I have commented a few times, and Ross has obliged with old war stories about the old PCV gear used in the 80’s in the deep south. How the hell they did it I’ll never know, I guess they just didn’t know any better. Wonder what technology and gear will be used in 25 years time, will my son if he is ever foolish enough to follow in his Father’s footsteps as I have, look back incredulously and go “dad, what were you thinking?”…?