From blowing dogs off chains to flat calm

23 12 2011

Hi all,

From blowing dogs off chains, policemen out of donut shops, poms out of pubs to a flat calm – does your head in a bit. Tried to service a winch this afternoon and I spat the dummy, threw parts of the winch into a bucket and said – ‘**** you’. I might, just might try and assemble it later on today – the winch was very lucky it wasn’t committed to the deep!!!

The constant banging of sails, wind coming and wind going just does ones head in. Campbell said we could have two days of this – **** !!

We have been making miles on Cessna and then we park too – there is this huge parking lot south of tasmania and there are two class 40s parked, ready to pay their tickets and exit. Halvard is charging into the parking lot too just to make it interesting. Talk about STRESS!! Give me a good 30 knots down wind anytime.

I do have to admit that this isn’t as stressful as trying to buy your wife a Christmas present, on Christmas eve, in a shopping centre full of thousands of people. I remember going to a shopping mail in New York with Halvard many years ago – Halvard was truly shocked to see so many people in one place trying to spend money on ‘stupid things’.

Anyway, this race could come down to the wire. We’re in with a chance and so is Halvard, and so is Cessna. Cessna holds the ace card at the moment but this could all change.

Watch this space.