The Green Flash!

28 12 2011

I have just seen the green flash – at 2130 NZT on the 28.12.11 about 100 miles off the west coast of New Zealand. Absolutely unbelievable. I have witnessed so many sunsets at sea waiting for the green flash, and never seen it until today. There is so much talk about it, whether it actually happens or not- there was always doubt in my mind. This mystical flash apparently happens with the final tip of the sun dips under the horizon. This is bigger than Ben Hurr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No more news really, we’re beating up the west coast of the south island, 270 miles from Farewell Spit and then down cook strait into wellington. Sounds easy, no its not – we’re going to get hammered with 30+knot head winds which will round off a windy leg.

Cessna 100 miles head, and looking good, but we haven’t given up yet. There are a few options left.

Everything is well on board, nice sunny day and we dried out all the gear, in particular our wet sleeping bags – we have been sleeping in wet bags for over a week now – not nice.

No more snacks or coffee left on board but we have heaps of food .

Speak soon.