Recovering slowly

3 01 2012

Sitting at a coffee bar in Hong Kong airport on my way back to the UK, all of a sudden Leg 2 seems so long ago. It has only been a few days since we got in, a thorough going over the boat, writing a work list, a few meetings, thermals gone through the wash three times to eliminate all traces of the last 5 weeks (sorry mum for tripling your utility bill for the month), and a nice lunch with family before heading to the airport.

Both Ross and I are feeling the physical demands of the last leg, mainly due to the bruises and bumps – these Class 40’s never really seem to stay still. Thank you Andrew for giving up your last afternoon of holiday to treat two weary sailors.  Andrew Baunton – an old school friend who thankfully is a physiotherapist – shameless plug here for Manurewa Sports Physio – seems to take some pleasure out of inflicting pain on his old friends but am assured he takes more care of his clients. Helps especially as I am now confined to a 747 for 24 hours – should be a walk in the park after 32 days on a 40 footer, but there are a few more people about and the food is not as good, so stiff shoulders and leg cramps are setting in…

Finally had a stewardess ask me about the black eye. I can only imagine what the hundreds of other people are thinking when they see it – good NYE eh? – how was the other guy? – what ‘door’ did you walk into? – When I told her, she seemed pretty dubious and probably thought it was one of the more unique pickup lines she has had as a stewie. Me: “…well there I was in a howling gale on the bow of a small racing boat after 30 days at sea battling the elements and the worst that the southern ocean could throw at us and I was wrestling with a storm sail and ….”.

Stewardess: “…ah, OK”. Thinking to herself “twat”.