Getting back into racing routines

31 01 2012

Morning sports fans, a little delayed in the first blog for Leg 3 of the GOR. It has taken us a while to settle back into life on board the boat, both of us feeling pretty under the weather until this morning – much like a pretty powerful hangover. Lack of sleep, poor discipline in eating (and in my case anything that was eaten pretty quickly reappeared over the back of the boat). Headaches and grumpiness were the status quo for the first 24 hours on board. We are putting that down to caffeine withdrawals following the almost hourly dose of long blacks and flat whites from the Empire cafe in Chaffers Marina in Wellington.

In all, it was a great stopover in ‘Windytown’. We had a great time and felt superbly looked after and welcomed. The local interest in the event was very encouraging. Can’t even start thanking everyone enough for their cheerful helpfulness, and general support. A great sendoff too – hopefully all the spectators enjoyed it.

Start day brought mixed emotions – yet again bidding farewell to loved ones while also looking forward to charging out to sea. In my case now the distance to my family is reducing rather than increasing …

We had a pretty shocking start. Sorry about that – a bit of mistiming on time at the boat end of the line. However, we recovered pretty quickly and had a nice exit to the harbour. Then there was a brutal awakening to the Cook Strait and Pacific Ocean.

It seems quite some time ago we were bashing and crashing upwind away from New Zealand. A light first night at sea in very close company with the French and Cessna, has kept us on our toes.

Today we are in good shape: Halvard and Miranda, Campagne de France, are 0.75nm to leeward. We are both running in 30 knots under main and big jib. We have had the debate about going for a spinnaker, but for now we are quite comfortable and are reeling them in.

Cessna are about 5nm off our transom. They speared off overnight. We suspect they have sail issues, but we know how hard they can push, so have a wary eye over our shoulders.

The future for this leg is pretty straight forward over the next couple of days, but then it becomes very complex.

Chatham islands are about 50nm off our port bow. With the sparkling sea and brilliant sunshine we have today it must be a wonderful holiday destination!

Way overdue for a two-hour sleep (amazing how quickly you can roll back into the schedule; it takes far longer to get back to a normal on land routine.)

So signing off,