Trust us, we know what we’re doing

31 01 2012

Hi everyone, a quick note.

You would have seen our move overnight. Don’t panic, we think we know what we are doing: we are investing in the future.

We spent yesterday and last night heavy running alongside our French mates, Halvard Mabire and Miranda Merron, pushing hard and no sleep. It was very enjoyable, but we have now split from the main fleet. Campbell has been studying weather maps for hours.

We are going to try and catch up on some sleep today and some food.

Speak soon,



Note: Buckley Systems has gybed away from the main pack and is diving south. Main rivals Mabire and Merron have kept tracking in a more easterly direction. The move has cost Buckley Systems the lead at this stage, but it appears they are intending to skirt south of a light wind zone lurking ahead.