Having our cake – and eating it

1 02 2012

There is a competition on board to establish who has made the best cake.  

It’s between my  mother-in-law, Maureen (Xmas cake), our friend Janine (Xmas cake) and her daughter Jamie (Chocolate slice).  

I want to eat it all now (to reduce weight on the boat), but Campbell, being his organised self, wants to spread it out so the winner won’t be announced till later on in the leg.  

We have sampled all the pieces, but not enough to form an opinion. Sorry. The initial sampling would show its going to be close. They are all bloody beautiful.  

Jan, my wife, was invited to submit an entry, but she made a cake for the opposition – Halvard and Miranda on Campagne de France.  I tried to slip some sleeping pills into the cake mix but got caught!!!  

That reminds me of a very famous old  story. A Spanish Whitbread boat skipper from a previous race was pissing his crew off so much they dropped sleeping pills into his coffee!

Not much happening on board. Same old same old: eat, sail and a little bit of sleep. Heading down south at the moment. Our main opposition are following us, but we have managed to get at least 30 miles more southing, so we hope it will pay off.

Its a complicated weather package to get back to the ice gate.  

Speak soon,  Ross